Second Rag Rug

On Sunday we were going to go to Brickvention, but reports of 2 hour plus queues and crowds inside changed our minds. I’d managed to finish warping the loom for another rag rug in the morning, and found myself with a whole empty afternoon in which to weave and weave and weave.

Once again, I used jersey/knit strips this time in green, red, blue, lilac, grey and black.

I’d planned to make two small rugs, but couldn’t be bothered working out how to tell where the halfway point was in the warp, since I’d forgotten to mark it on any of the threads, so I just wove until I ran out of weft to make a long floor rug.

The fabric strips were all used up half a metre shy of the end of the warp. I considered just cutting off the rug and seeing if I could find a use for the ends another time, but decided to dig around in my rag rug fabric stash and see if anything caught my eye. I found a ball of black fabric strips from a pair of men’s pants. It was one of the first things I’d tried chopping up and I’d simply cut around and around the legs, which meant there were chunky seams every 40-50cm or so that formed clumps in the woven fabric. I learned from this to cut around seams, especially with thicker fabric.

So I used it up on the leftover warp.

It made a small, tough, not-ugly-but-not-pretty mat. I’m thinking of using it as a door mat on the inside of the garage doorway. The rough texture will be good for wiping shoes clean on, and I can chuck it in the washing machine when it gets filthy.

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