The Last Lot

Tuesday, after my morning of card-making, I had a failed attempt at a nap (I slept badly the night before, having pulled a muscle in my side), so I made a cocktail and pushed on with card-making, whipping up ten cards using foam and rubber stamps. Cracking out the acrylic paint and roller seemed a little dangerous even while only mildly inebriated, so I stuck to using stamp pads. First to make a few themed cards:


Then I went wild with the foam animal stamps, adding an amusing twist by adding bow ties, moustaches and glasses.


That night I turned to the last four cards, wielding a needle and thread. And tweaked a previous card that I thought was too simple.


Which means I made it, with an extra if I count the cards I made and gave away before I got a photo of it. I now have 100 freshly created handmade cards on hand – with sentiment stamps and a stamp pad by them so I can customise the cards as needed.