Crafty Treat No.1


I’ve coveted the Ashford Katie Loom since I saw one at the Guild, but always managed to talk myself out of buying one.

I loved the portability. Since we put pedals on the table loom it can’t easily be released and taken anywhere. Like to classes, for instance.


However, the Katie’s smaller size did make me pause. I had told myself that when I gained enough experience and confidence to try 8 shaft weaving I would simply add more shafts to the table loom. Which would allow me to weave with finer yarns, as it would double the heddles.

But when I wove the Scary Tea Towels earlier this year I realised that I may never have the patience to weave fine yarns in a large piece. It’d take too long to thread the loom. It’s more likely I’ll make small items like scarves and placemats.

So I’m now the owner of three looms: the rigid heddle for simple, speedy weaving, the table loom for large projects using thicker yarns, and the Katie for complex projects using thinner yarns.

(Though if you include the inkle looms I have five looms. And I still want to make a tape loom.)