The Eighth-to-Ninth Group

So a couple of days before Christmas I realised I still had more than thirty cards to make. Going through what I’d already made, I listed methods that were working well and other variations I could do, then added a couple of other methods to the list that I wanted to try, and put aside some cards I wanted to tweak.

That’s when I tried the oil pastel and sticker resist methods of the last post. I also tried painting with nail polish, and cutting circles out of photographs from an old diary and tiling them, but I didn’t like the result of either and the cards went into the recycling.

The next day I still had 29 cards to make. To get them done, I really needed to spend more time than a few hours sitting in front of the tv at night. So I set up on the dining table the next morning and got to work.

First up: watercolours. I painted more graphic shapes, and another sticker resist using stamps. I’ve included here a colouring book page card from an earlier bout of card-making that I finally decided I was done with.


Then I did more Sharpie drawings. They’re fun, but time-consuming.


Finally I cut, wove and glued more Japanese design paper cards.


I made half of what I needed to make to reach 100 cards, but had plenty of ideas for the last fifteen or so cards. Before I finished up for the morning… er, afternoon… I traced some cookie cutters onto card ready to do more string art. And I got the foam stamps are out again, to tempting me into getting messy with acrylic paint and roller.