Little Miss Take Rib

So. I did it.

I frogged the Hello Possum Hat back to the start of the ribbing and knit mistake rib instead, and was relieved to find it was worth the effort.

The scarf is a little narrower and shorter than I’d normally make a man’s scarf, but a) I only had one ball of this yarn to use, and b) the recipient is well known for his lack of neck and I’m pretty sure he’s told me this can be a problem when wearing scarves. (In fact, if I’d had more yarn I would have only made the scarf longer, not wider, because of this.)

Pattern: mine – I made it up as I went. Yarn: Supreme Possum Merino 8ply.

2 thoughts on “Little Miss Take Rib

  1. It looks great :).

    I plan to tell him it makes him look taller if I see him wearing it :).

  2. Good decision. They look great together – not too twinsy, not too different. Just right.

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