Look into the reflector, Podcastling!

I’m enduring a bit of stealth vertigo today (it sneaks up on me just when the world has stopped spinning for a bit and I get my confidence up) on top of lack of sleep caused by the wind rattling the verandah roofing the plumbers didn’t finish off.

Knitting only makes the vertigo worse, so I’ve been listening to podcasts. A few new ones have appeared recently:

Changelings Knit and Stitch – good, by an Aussie
Christa Knits – really good, want more!
JustLindaOnlineKnitting – a likable chatty show I’ll definitley be downloading old eps of
Knit Science – interesting and a bit like Knitting News in tone
Lixie Knits It – oops, I just realised I haven’t tried this one yet. Have to listen to it right now. (Added later – I like it. Nice to hear a Brit accent!)
Moonlight Stitches – the music/talk ratio has balanced out as I hoped. Good show.
Socksinthecity’s Podcast – oodles of enthusiasm – a bit like a cross between Lime & Violet and Knitting Psychos
Stitch Stud and His Bride – only sampled 15 minutes so far but I like what I heard (I have to admit, I fell asleep but that was only because it got dark and started to rain and that was the final straw – I succumbed to the inevitable consequenses of an interrupted and restless night)

I’ve also been enjoying rediscovering It’s a Purl, Man. I like it best when Guido interviews someone. He has a gentle and enthusiastic interview manner, naturally comes up with interesting questions, and the interviews often end up sounding like interesting chats between friends.

Unwound wound up (har har) with a final episode. It’s sad to see the end of this podcast, but also so nice to have a podcaster finish off like this instead of the podcasts suddenly no longer appearing.