Nobody to blame but myself

You know, I have no hankering to make a name for myself as a knitting designer or anything. Nor do I want to make money from knitting. This is a hobby. A pretty obsessive hobby, I’ll admit, but the last thing I want to do is reduce the fun and creative freedom of this hobby (as I’ve done with two other creative hobbies) by turning it into Work.

So why is it, then, that I’m so peeved at myself for not getting my heel flap toe-up sock pattern on the net before something very similar appeared in

I was managing to not be too peeved at myself until I listened to Brenda Dayne’s latest podcast, in which she raves about the pattern and, if I recall correctly (which I probably don’t – I was knitting Pomatomus and it’s pretty distracting), wonders aloud why nobody thought of it before.

But I did, Trudi wimpers.

It seems there’s a bit of an ambitious streak in me after all. It’s pretty silly though. In all likeliness someone developed a toe-up heel flap style sock yonks before I did. It really wasn’t all that hard. And Brenda mentioned that there’s an alternative to the figure-8 cast on linked from the Knitty pattern that I really want to check out.

So I’ll shrug, tell myself that next time I come up with a pattern I’m proud of I’ll stop procrastinating and post it, and get on with my knitting.

2 thoughts on “Nobody to blame but myself

  1. Muse is fickle that way. Muse whispers ideas in our head. If she is whispering because she wants the world to know but we don’t share…she will whisper to the next person until someone shares.

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