Happy Cat

The windows were all frosted today. The windows rarely frosted at my old house, though it was much colder. Maybe they frost here because it’s a warmer house. Bigger temperature difference and all that. Anyway, I saw that Peri Peri was forced to inspect the outside world through the drip lines on his morning rounds, so I made him a peephole:

Much better.

Hopefully the cat mesh I ordered yesterday will arrive quickly and we can close off the end of the cat run again on the weekend. That will make him happier… until he realised how cold it’s got outside since he last went out.

Knitting? There’s another two rows of squares on the Squares Jacket and another repeat of Pomatomus on the Pomatomus Socks.

2 thoughts on “Happy Cat

  1. That picture of Peri Peri has really, really made my day. Thanks!

    Your Secret Pal

  2. Peri Peri is such a sweetie! I’m sure he’s aiming for a melancholy wistuflness, but he just looks cute.

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