Little Looms, Big Ideas

In preparing for the pin loom workshop, lists were written, items crossed off, new lists created and those items crossed off, and finally I realised I was ready… with a week to spare.

This was a relief and also a bit annoying. I’ve been looking forward to the workshop, but also to getting stuck into some big meaty project afterwards. I didn’t want to start something that would need my full attention until the workshop was done. So for that spare week I had to look for short projects to fill the time. It was hot so no gardening. I didn’t want to risk a back flare up and migraine on the workshop day, either so no hobbies that might cause that.

I had considered making pin looms to sell, so I had a go at making one out of an old picture frame. It worked, but doing multiples of these would take too much time and put too much strain on my back. It’s a lot of nails to hammer.

I also made a half size loom at the vintage Weave-it loom nail spacing so I could make smaller wire squares, then turn them into a necklace:

Then I returned to the Jane loom and my Moustache Echo warp:

I decided not to work my way through the treadlings I’d come up with, but instead weave a scarf using the first one. Of course, I found a threading error only a few cm in, but once I’d fixed that and got into the swing of it I began to enjoy the weaving. As my brain memorised the pattern, I let my mind wander… to thinking about what I’ll do after the pin loom workshop. Dammit brain!

There’s the two tops I wove fabric for to sew. And two new garments to make on the Bond. And that 16 shaft loom I keep saying I’m going to make. And there’s still a loooot of work to do in the garden.

Well, at least I can’t say I have nothing to do!