Pin Notch Nail

I’ve put my hand up to teach a workshop on pin loom weaving at the guild’s summer school. I had intended to do another rigid heddle loom workshop, perhaps this time concentrating on a particular technique, but I wasn’t sure I could convert it to live video if there was another lockdown. So when the summer school organiser called to ask if I’d do a workshop, I quickly cast about in my mind for an alternative, and pin looms came to mind.

They’re simple to use and quick to weave on so even a beginner will come away with a completed piece. I have a variety of looms to show them, from tiny vintage ones to medium commercial ones, to big handmade ones, and example projects made on most of them, including a couple of unusual approaches.

I gathered together pin looms, samples and unfinished projects and made a to-do list. The joining and finishing I’ve done has never satisfied me, so I need to refine my methods. I want to learn how to join squares as they are woven. And weave with wire. Then there’s instructions to write up and I perhaps foolishly said I’d include templates for DIY looms so I need to make those.

The work quickly added up and I want to keep it to a sane amount. I decided I’d stick to square looms and concentrate on weaving one, then demonstrate joining them. The workshop will be filmed by a member holding a camera for those attending via Zoom, so I suspect that will slow things down a bit.