I have a book coming out in a month or so, and it’s like contemplating a latter half of life significant birthday – should be exciting, was exciting in the past, but now it makes me feel tired and old and the whole thing seems unimportant compared to everything else going on in the world.

Nevertheless, my publisher wants me to promote it, and that’ll most likely be via video content. They suggested I do a reading. Readings are my least favourite activity, so I suggested a Zoom interview instead.

Isn’t Zoom just great? In the last week and a half I’ve taken part in four Zoom meetings: two social gatherings and two classes. I’ve also introduced Dad to Facetime, which he may be liking just a bit too much. Nah, not really. It’s nice to see him and Mum. And their cat. Funny how all these video links end with cats.

I’m sleeping better. This might have something to do with the repaired gas connection under the floor right beneath our bed. No nasty smells in the middle of the night. We went to turn on the heater and it kept spluttering. I remembered smelling gas near the hatch to underneath the house. Opened it. Out came a big gust of gas smell. Called the plumber. Turns out the pipe to the heater was rather incompetently connected to the main gas line. So bad you could hear the hiss.

Unfortunately, fixing the leak didn’t fix the heater, so the heating installers are coming out to fix the heater later this week. I will be presenting them with the repair bill… after they fix the heater. (Get this: the receptionist said it would take a week and a half before anyone could come out because ‘everyone went to turn their heater on the first time lasts weekend’. So a common problem then? Hmm.)

On the same day, our travel agent let us know that the airline we were supposed to fly to Poland with decided that the flights could be moved to within a year of the booking date, not the departure dates. So we won’t be able to use them to go to the same event next year (assuming the virus is under control by then). They also said if we cancelled we ‘might’ get our money back but it will take three months (and is rumoured to take twelve). So we’re gambling on the cancellation ‘option’, since the latest we could fly elsewhere is January, everywhere in the northern hemisphere will be in winter, and there’s nowhere in the southern hemisphere we want to go that would be anywhere near the same flight value (assuming any destination would be open for visitors by January anyway). I’m hoping to at least get the convention’s money back to them. We may have to write off the rest as a lesson to never buy tickets from THAT airline ever again.

We had wine that day, putting aside our no-alcohol-on-weekdays rule.

Instead of cabin fever I seem to be going into hibernation mode. I don’t want to go out at all. Not even to shop for essentials. Not even to get the molar that’s doesn’t like me biting down on it checked out. Not even to get the flu shot. I really ought to get that flu shot. Maybe tomorrow.

In crafty news, I advertised the Osborne loom on the guild’s Weaving Matters group email list last week, and immediately had two interested potential buyers. The most promising one decided it wasn’t the loom for her – I’ve been there and completely understand. The other needs to sell her current loom first, and hasn’t replied to my email letting her know it was still available. I ought to advertise on the 4 shaft weaving course list next, but my determination to sell it has weakened. There are some aspects of that loom that I really like. The castle shelf. The ease of removing the front beam. The brake that doesn’t slip and maintains really tight tension. If I changed the pedals and lamms to be like those on the Lotas loom, I’d be tempted to keep it.

I’ve told myself I have to weave a rug on the Lotas loom before I make any decisions. I just need to finish the shadow weave jacket. And cut up the rest of the flannelette scraps into strips. And the rug warp still has to arrive from Glenora Weaving & Wool. I’m also reminding myself of what I could do in the space the Osborne is taking up. Maybe set up an easel and paint. Maybe do some machine knitting.

For that to happen, some weaving needs to be done, so I’d better stop rambling and go pick up some shuttles.