Mind the Gap

When the Wavelet Scarf came off the loom I was pleased that my idea worked out, but I thought the gaps were too big.

So recently, when I was reassessing the projects I’ve made with the Vari Dent Reed, I considered ways to join the strips at the centre of each gap, where I’d done a section of basketweave. One idea was to do a kind of lace-up effect of criss-crossing yarn. Another was to add beads.

Well, it turned out I had exactly the number of these long beads in my bead stash to fill all the gaps, if I added five to each join.

So I got sewing. It took a while. My back has been cranky lately, so I could only really stitch together two or three joins at a time. But when I was done I was much happier with the way the scarf looks.

I have made a couple more scarves with the Vari Dent Reed testing ideas, but I’m hesitating to post about them. Why? Well, it occurred to me that I have enough ideas now to make up a small book. If that should happen, the publisher (if I don’t self-publish) might prefer that I didn’t share everything that could go in a book on my blog.

And I am exploring even more ideas. This time using a second heddle. But slowly, as the projects on my other looms are distracting me, as is doing a bit of research into looms. And loom benches. And horizontal warping mills.