This Getting Old Thing

Since moving house the RSI in my hands has been creeping back in, and the latest deadline did that whooshing thing thanks to them getting so bad I was in quite a bit of pain, and sometimes could barely bend my fingers.

With my old physio busy, I tried a new one. He brought up the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis.

I distinctly remember my mother, and her mother, having to give up crafts thanks to arthritis. I have no idea what kind. But for a few years now I’ve noticed the top of my forefinger and middle finger of my right hand twisting more and more to the right. So I’m going to the doctor to get the blood test once the Christmas rush is over.

In the meantime… I’d already written up a list rating the crafts I do by how good/bad they are for RSI. Weaving is easier on the hands than machine knitting. The Bond is easier than the Passap (not so heavy to operate). In fact, I was already thinking of selling the Passap, since I haven’t touched it in over a year and it takes up so much room.

If I do I’ll probably sell and/or give away a pile of yarn, too. I’ve not looked at my stash in months.

It can be good to clear out the old. It frees space and energy for something new. I’d like to do more weaving, embroidery, printing and photo albums, and start working on my paintings at home as well as at class.

Hmm, that almost sounds like a resolution.

3 thoughts on “This Getting Old Thing

  1. How old are you? The reason I ask is because I’m starting to show signs of osteoarthritis. My doctor has started me on bio-identical hormones for menopause. As hormone levels deplete with age, arthritis begins. Not just in women but in men too. They are connected.

    • I’m 45, but I have early menopause and osteopenia. I decided not to take hrt, as I had no family history of osteoporosis. I do, however, have a family history riddled with arthritis – just not rheumatoid (as far as we know).

      Didn’t know the link between arthritis and menopause. Will check that out. Thanks!

  2. Hi Trudi – I wouldn’t wish rheumatoid arthritis on anyone – my mother had it from age 17 – but if it does turn out that that is the problem at least it gives you some strategies for living with it – and there are medications that can help. Unlike RSI, the treatment is not enforced rest. Certainly getting rid of the Passap loom is a good idea if using it aggravates the problems with your hands, but knowing that the pain is not actually caused by your activities should allow you to enjoy them in small doses when the pain permits. I don’t know of any specific link with menopause. It’s an auto-immune disease, and auto-immune diseases show up more and more as we get older, as does general wear-and-tear.

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