Don’t Mention the ‘C’ Word

I’m in denial. That yearly event that happens in a month’s time each year is fast approaching and I’ve got my hands over my ears and I’m singing ‘lalalalala’.

Well, not really. I’ve managed to buy two of three presents, book a lunch, and make cards. For the latter I wanted something fast and simple. I’m rather chuffed with what I came up with.

Materials: card blanks, clear tape, glitter, plain paper, glue tape.

The hardest part was getting the tape to sit sticky side up on the table. On went a light dusting of glitter.

The tape was then positioned and rubbed down on to the front of the cards, and the ends trimmed.

And then I used glue tape to attach plain paper inserts to write on, and metallic pens to write a quick, all-purpose ‘Best Wishes’.

I just have to get around to filling in and sending them.