Project Spectrum Green, Yellow & Pink

Being the last day of May, I should be posting pictures of my finished Project Spectrum items. Weeeeell, I haven’t quite finished that project. You see, I decided I was going to use all three colours at the same time, because the craft I was reviving was linocut printing, and the point of printing is being able to produce multiple copies.

This is the linocut:

And these are the resulting prints:

All I need to do now is decide if I’m going to stick them onto cards, or in the order shown as an artwork. I’m rather keen on the latter, and of incorporating lines of text – probably quotes that mention roses.

Reviving a craft was my intention, and I did manage that at least. Maybe I’ll wait until I’ve completed the next revived craft project before I finish this composition because it, too, will need framing. I can frame them both at the same time.

What’s the next craft I’ll be reviving? Well, it also involves ink and paper. And words. I once practised it obsessively and dreamed of making a living out of it. Any guesses?

4 thoughts on “Project Spectrum Green, Yellow & Pink

  1. Calligraphy would be my guess, too. Or possibly writing in general, but since it’s your day job, I don’t think it’s in need of a ‘revival’.

  2. Wow, that is a great linocut! I did some years ago, along with screen printing but mine were not as purdy! (Possibly cos I was a kid 😉
    You already make a living out of words and paper and ink, only they are not as pretty as calligraphy (which would’ve been my guess). I like uncial hands, no I adore uncial along with some Book of Kells animals.

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