Knitting/Bernardathon Update

The first of my Bernardathon projects is growing fast:


I have only one more row on the frill/collar/band to get to the cast off the pattern specifies, but I have plenty of yarn so I might make it even wider. I’ll try it on first and see how it looks.


Yep – I frogged the socks to the toe and reknit them plain. While I liked the slip stitch pattern, by the time I got past the first heel I realised I was over it. And I really liked the way the colour was striping on the sole. These are knitting up quickly now, too.

Interesting how the way the yarn is wound into the ball makes it look like there are long colour sections, suggesting that the stripes would come out wider. But the colour sections are quite short. It’s just that the way the ball is wound puts the colours next to each other.