Books Read in 2023

I’m so relieved I found my reading mojo again this year, after last year’s sad total of five. Going on holidays helped. There’s nothing like having only two or three free-to-air tv stations to get book covers opening. Books also got me through the difficult first seven months of the year. It’s intriguing to me that I didn’t read any traditional fantasy, instead powering through series of science fiction, horror, and modern day setting fantasy – as well as a stand-alone near-future science fiction book, a retelling of nordic myths, and an alternative feminist regency story.

No non fiction this year, which is unusual. I was reading a non-fiction book on hoarding at the start of 2023, but stopped because it was depressing me.

Leviathan Wakes James Corey 
Caliban’s War James Corey 
Abaddon’s Gate James Corey 
Cibola Burn James Corey 
Nemesis Games James Corey
The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies Alison Goodman
Babylon’s Ashes James Corey
Persepolis Rising James Corey
The Courier’s New Bicycle Kim Westwood
The Screaming Staircase Jonathan Stroud
Tiamat’s Wrath James Corey
Leviathan Falls James Corey
Between Two Thorns Emma Newman
Winter’s Gifts Ben Aaronovich
Any Other Name Emma Newman
All Is Fair Emma Newman
A Little Knowledge Emma Newman
All Good Things Emma Newman
The Whispering Skull Jonathan Stroud
The Hollow Boy Jonathan Stroud
The Gospel of Loki Joanne Harris
The Creeping Shadow Jonathan Stroud
The Empty Grave Jonathan Stroud