Books Read in 2020

At the beginning of the year I dove into reading almost like my old self, but when I developed de Quervains even holding my phone hurt, so I stopped. I picked up and put down a few books since then, but finished nothing.

Here’s what I read:

Stormlord’s Exile Glenda Larke
Crown of Midnight Sarah J Mass
Heir of Fire Sarah J Mass
Queen of Shadows Sarah J Mass
Empire of Storms Sarah J Mass
Tower of Dawn Sarah J Mass
Kingdom of Ash Sarah J Mass
We Ride the Storm Devin Madson
The Golden Thread Kassia St Clair
Upheaval Jared Diamond
Pandemics: a very short introduction Christian W. McMillen
Tim Gunn: The Natty Professor Ada Calhoun
The Shuttle-Craft Book Of Hand-Weaving Mary Meigs Atwater
The Spanish Flu Epidemic and its Influence on History Jaime Breitnauer
Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible Ada Calhoun and Tim Gunn

Hmm. When I look at the last few books, I do wonder if pandemic anxiety had a part to play in me abandoning reading. I tend to read non-fiction when I can’t concentrate on fiction. It doesn’t have plot threads demanding ongoing brain space.

2 thoughts on “Books Read in 2020

  1. You obviously enjoy Sarah J Mass! I didn’t read very much either, despite having the time, and like you I didn’t feel like following a continuous narrative. Even now I find I have to push myself to read the next chapter – and it’s definitely not the fault of the book. (My husband, on the other hand, read voraciously throughout lockdown.) Mainly I knitted, to the company of recorded music.

  2. I did enjoy Sarah’s series. But it being a series is the only reason she dominates that list. The other books were excellent, too.

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