I joined Instagram a year or so ago because a writer recommended it as the Place to Be on the Internet, where people were still friendly (compared to Twitter). It’s been fun and, being on the visual side, the crafting ‘grammers’ I followed soon outnumbered work-related ones.

Now there’s been talk about algorithms and monetisation and such. Of non-chronological feeds and advertising. I haven’t noticed a sudden change, like I did with Pinterest and Twitter, but based on what happened to them I expect social media to change. And that if I really like it, chances are the changes in future will turn it into something less suited to my needs.

Perhaps because of P and T, I haven’t got as sucked into Instagram. I don’t want to get invested in something that will probably go the way of other social media. Which makes me wonder… will I even bother trying the next one that comes along?

I’m not sure I’d bother. Does this make me wise or just cynical?

I worry that if I don’t keep up I’ll fall behind. Few people thought, 25 years ago, that the internet would become integral to everyday living. Now it’s a handicap to not have access to and an understand of it.

Perhaps one day all the social medias will merge to form one digital monster, which we’ll all have to participate in to meet our most basic needs and communicate with our loved ones, where the algorithms will decide what we buy, sell, learn and believe, and who we interact with.

That probably sounds like heaven to some people. One person’s dystopia is another’s utopia. But on the other hand, trying to get all people to do the same thing has to be like trying to herd cats. I don’t envy anyone who takes on that challenge!

2 thoughts on “InstaPinterTwittaWhatever

  1. I can’t work The Instagram. Or I can’t be bothered enough to try. I spent quite a lot of time marking things in my Pinterest feed as of no interest to me and it seems to have calmed down now. For a while I marked their suggestions as offensive, as I did find it offensive that they continued to suggest things I had absolutely no interest in, even after I asked them to stop. I actually use The Pinterest to search for things. I like to think of these things as tools, and if they aren’t useful, I don’t use them. The Ravelry, I fond eminently usable!!

  2. I got off Facebook because I found it was swallowing time and I resented it trying to choose what to show me and trying to tell me what I should like. Now I find that it is increasingly the preferred way to contact some organisations. I can’t join Yahoo Groups and Pinterest, possibly others as well, because I don’t have a mobile phone. Why I should need a mobile phone I don’t know.

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