Sketch Sunday 54 & 55

I’m three weeks behind in my Sketch Sunday challenge, thanks to a tight work deadline taking up all my time and energy. But I didn’t completely neglect my sketchbook in that time. There was one night where the itch to sketch had me playing with pattern and colour while watching tv. It didn’t require getting up to find something to sketch, or much concentration. I had no plan, but had in mind the idea of a contrasting border that I’d seen in art journals.

I enjoyed enough to do another page last night. Again, the grid is something I’ve seen in art journals, but when it came to thinking of something to do with the squares I turned to good old familiar doodles.

The work deadline has passed, but I appear to have caught Paul’s man-flu, I’m trying to let my back recover from the usual work related strain, as well as finish making some presents, and read a manuscript for a friend.

I’ll get back to sketching soon, I hope.