Summer Solstice

Recently, via Ravelry, I swapped a pattern I accidentally bought twice for this one:

It has a really interesting construction and no seams. I love a pattern with no seams!

It reminded me a lot of a cardigan by Jo Sharp that I knit back in 2008, that I absolutely love:

I knit that one out of a Cleckheaton Country Silk, and between buying the grey for the body and looking for a second colour for the collar, they conveniently changed the shade of grey to a lighter one.

This pattern involved a LOT of ribbing. Summer Solstice doesn’t. Another bonus!

Not wanting to buy more yarn, I looked at the stash and it struck me that I could use this yarn for it if I knit the body, sleeves and collar different colours:

So I got to playing with ‘replace colour’ in Photoshop:

I like this combo.

I’ve knit a tension swatch and started knitting. The only thing I’m worried about is that the yarn is a bit scratchier than I’d prefer. I’m aware that I’m knitting it on faith that it’ll soften up with washing and use. The swatch seemed to improve after I washed it. It’s funny how, whenever I find a yarn is a bit scratchy, I always decide I’ll consider it a ‘jacket’ rather than ‘cardigan’. Even though it makes little difference to how and when I’ll wear it. Being a bit sensitive to wool anyway, I always wear a layer of cotton underneath no matter what kind of garment it is.

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