Sketch Sunday 40

I love this teapot. It’s so bright and cheerful. However, it dribbles everywhere when I pour from it, so I keep it as decorative object. I’ve considered using it as a yarn ball holder when knitting, with the working end running through the spout, but when I knit I prefer to tuck the working ball down between my right leg and the chair arm.

This was the last empty page in my sketchbook, so it’s now full and I can start another. I started it in January 2007 during an unplanned holiday in Adelaide, after unseasonal rains forced us to abandon a camping trip (and our cars) for a week. The sketchbook I’d taken with me got wet when our tent flooded. Thankfully there were only two pastel drawings in it.

After that, I only used this sketchbook only on trips, until I filled my previous one late last year. Then this one became my main at home sketchbook. I filled the rest of it – about half – in a little under a year. Now I have a thinner one of the same type – spiral bound drawing paper with a black cover – to fill. After that I’m planning to use my own handbound sketchbooks.