An additional step…

Yesterday I decided to wet the Ruffles Scarf and block it. You see, the ruffles were a bit lost in the general crumpled texture of the scarf, and I suspected that was because there were a lot of spin cycle creases in the fabric.

Turned out I was right. After blocking the ruffles were the main textural feature. It was also interesting to find that one of the handspun stripes had felted and shrunk a bit more than the other. I was able to even them out a little, too. Much better! I’ve added a photo to the last post to show the difference.

The beau just came upstairs with a parcel. I felt a half second of hope that my new toy had arrived at last. But no, I could see straight away that the parcel was too small.

It’s 18 days since I ordered it. The site says it ships after 7-10 days. I’m guessing that means it takes 7-10 days to get to the shop, plus local interstate delivery to here. Should I be worried? How long would you wait before you sent a query email?

Mind you, once it does get here the anxiety over whether it’s been lost or something will be replaced by wanting to play with it when I have to work. At least while it’s not here I can’t be tempted!

2 thoughts on “An additional step…

  1. Email???? Call them up! Where is it? Is someone else playing with it? Is the truck off the road? Is the Mailman injured? Is it being held ransom? There are too many questions… call them!

  2. Lol! Not long after I posted the shop emailed to say there'd been a delay and when I could expect the delivery. So I can stop stalking the mailman for now.

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