Warping Solutions

I decided to warp up the table loom in order to weave the first denim rag rug a few nights ago. First there was a bit of measuring up and calculation to do. The rug was supposed to go in the tv room, but we’ve recently rearranged the furniture and now a big square rug would suit better than a long rectangle. The loom is only about 80cm wide. I considered doing three strips and sewing them together, but it turned out I don’t have enough warp for that.

The lounge room could do with a rug between the couches, so I measured up that space and found the 80cm width would work well. So I did the calculations for a 2 meter long rug.

The measuring and cutting of yarn happened on New Years Day, with a lingering hangover and lack of sleep. Not a day for trying out new warping methods. But there’s one step in the Ashford instructions that I hate. You have to pull loops of the warp through the reed and hook them over a lease stick. The loop pulling requires two hands. The lease stick requires one hand. Guess what? I don’t have three hands. So I’ve been tying and taping the lease stick into place. But the other problem I have with this method is that the lease stick doesn’t quite fit between the loom and the side wall. (You can see it touching the window in the pic above.)

I came up with a solution:

There’s a weaving tool called a raddle. I have no idea what it is. But one side of my warping board/space dyeing tool/doovy looks rather like one if you put all the pegs in. I clamped this behind the reed and looped the warp ends over the pegs instead. Then when all were threaded, I just slid the lease stick across, transferring the loops as I went.

Lots of threading of heddles and reeds later, finished yesterday, I was ready to weave:

I’m not quite managing to get no gaps between the picks of denim rag, but I can live with that. Perhaps a hot wash will shrink everything down to a tighter fabric, too.

I’m taking my time and enjoying the process. After all, I’ll be heading off next week to a writing retreat so it may be a few weeks before I get a weaving fix again.

Unless, of course, I figure out how to fit the knitters loom in the mini with two suitcases, my office chair, food supplies, and my fellow retreater’s golf clubs…

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  1. You may have trouble beating the denim hard enough with a table loom beater. If you have some ankle weights that velcro on, you could wrap them around either end of your beater and that will give you weight when you beat.

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