Two Woven Finished Objects

I finished the Ashford Loomies Challenge scarf a few nights ago, but it’s been overcast and gloomy here and I didn’t fancy trying to photograph a dark object under such lighting conditions.

It’s a bit brighter this morning, so I took it out onto the deck:

I beaded the fringe and, after a wash and drip dry, it’s lovely and drapey. I’m calling it the Charcoal Scarf.

It’s not the only woven finished object completed this week. This is the Woven Roving Rug:

I crocheted down the sides of both pieces of fabric, joined them together, then used a crochet hook to attach trimmings of fringe to the crocheted edge so the fringe extends all along opposite sides. The whole thing needed a good, strong blocking to even it out.

It’s thick and warm and comfy. I’m using it as a lap rug in the work room. We’ve had some unseasonably cool, rainy weather here. I wore a wool knitted jacket yesterday. In November. Not that I’m complaining. Summer is my least favourite time of year.

2 thoughts on “Two Woven Finished Objects

  1. Your weaving is so good – once again you are amazing at the craft you choose! It’s been great watching the journey even though I have not commented much and I am looking forward to what is to come.

  2. Thanks so much, Rebecca! It’s nice to know people are reading and enjoying the blog. I feel like such an amateur with the weaving. But it’s also exciting knowing there’s heaps to learn and discover.

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