Almost FOmous

Two nights ago the raglan decreasing on the Liquorish Allsorts jumper had the promised accelleration effect. Knitting speeded up, rows flashed by in a giddy rush, and then it all sputtered to a halt.

The anticlimax was caused by a combination of the instructions for the neck shaping being a bit vague, and the stripes not quite finishing up where I hoped they would. According to the pattern they either finished four rows after I need to begin the shaping, or right where I needed to. Naturally, I decided to believe the latter.

As a result I have a very odd neckline:

The neck shaping adds extra rows of black to the sides and back, then I topped it all off with a rolled hem. This all adds up to a neck that is a little high at the front but too wide at the sides. If I’d followed the first interpretation of the neck shaping, I would have had a neckline lower at the front, but even wider at the sides.

I spent last night sewing in ends and considering my options. I think I’m going to have to frog back to the orange stripe and just fudge a new neckline shape, keeping the height at the front but bringing it closer at the sides.

The good news is I have plenty of wool left for that beanie. Why was I so worried?

Peri Peri thought I was paying waay too much attention to this dilemma, and waaay to little to him. So he tested the sleeping nook potential of my knitting basket.

3 thoughts on “Almost FOmous

  1. The sweater looks great! Shame the neckline didn’t turn out as you’d hoped. Just remember: loud cursing is a healthy and normal accompaniment to frogging.

    Your Secret Pal

  2. Thankyou! And welcome to knitting and chocolate.

    I’m not a cursing aloud sort of person, I have to admit. And ever since I was a child I’ve had a strange love of unravelling knitting. I just love watching it unzip. This makes me a freak, I know.

    I just frogged the collar and I’m about to start fudging a new one. This could be interesting…

  3. Hooray for almost finished objects! Boo hiss for funny neck shaping! hope the new one works.
    Like your new books. Even if one has an upside down printed part. Hmm, maybe I should grovel for it. Grovel. I’ll bring the yarn this week (assuming I can find it and assuming you’ll be at crafties!!)

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