Tilty Socks

They’re done…

From the pov of an ant.

From the pov of a spider on the ceiling.

I managed to start the second sock at the same bit of the colour pattern, so I got the white wedge effect again, and then worked the heel and toe so the wedges appeared on the opposite side.

The fabric is rather loosely knit. I thought at first that I was knitting loose because I was out of practise at knitting socks. The yarn didn’t seem extra thin, and the needles (2.5mm bamboos) are my usual ones. Then it clicked. Being all short rows, the socks have as much purling back on the wrong side as knitting on the right side. I must purl much looser than I knit.

I’ve culled four pairs of socks from my sock drawer now for being fitting badly. All but one are socks I made early on out of self-patterning yarn before I worked out how to make short row heels fit, and the other was a cabled and ribbed sock I knit before I worked out that I’d need to add extra stitches to compentate for the pull-innyishness of cables and rib.

I may find another badly fitting sock, but I don’t expect to. So now I have enough socks to recycle into a, er, hmm. Not a blanket, for a start. What was I thinking? That I was such a bad sock knitter that I had an entire sock drawer of badly fitting socks?

But still, I like the idea. Perhaps I’ll make a pillow instead.

3 thoughts on “Tilty Socks

  1. I am in awe of your ability to tame the colours to get the reverse pattern effect on the 2 socks.

  2. Those socks are fantastic! They look fabulous and I love love love how they match.

  3. Well your socks are fabulpous!! LOve the stripes and the delicious pooling. I cannot bear to throw things out. I am a hoader. It is not pretty!!!

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