Bean’s Monkeys


They’re done. The pattern is the No Purl Monkeys, which is more of a ‘concept’ than a pattern. It’s the Monkey Socks pattern from, but you knit the purls. While I’m not a big fan of lace knitting, this was simple enough, both in technique and appearance, to appeal to me. The yarn is Opal Uni Solid.

I’ve hummed and harred over which socks to knit next. I’m settling on something with a pretty yarn in a basic pattern, because I seem to have post-travelling lethargy and my brain seems to have limited capacity for complex thoughts. I’m saving what brain cells I have for a bigger project. But deciding which one was even harder. Two nights ago I wound up knitting test swatches as a delay tactic:


The lefthand swatches are for Amused and the Farmers Market Cardigan. The righthand ones were for Tubey, the 3-Hour Sweater and Safire.

The idea was, whichever pattern the swatch came out right for I’d knit. This idea backfired when it turned out that all but one of the swatches were perfect. At least I could eliminate the 3-hour Sweater. So I washed them. Then I got bored waiting for them to dry and I started this:


Safire, knit with Bendigo Neon. The swatch wasn’t all that far out, so I’m compensating by knitting the smaller size.

Today I had a big cull of my stash. 2 1/2 kilos of yarn to go to charity. It included most of my Bendigo Classic 8ply. Knitting Cherie Amour put me off cable constructed yarn. As a result, I managed to get a bag of stuff off the floor of my workroom. Mind you, I then put a box four times its size in its place so I have room on the table to set up the knitters loom. I really need to have a big clean up in here…