Panorama Sketch Book

This is what I made when I had to stop and wait for the covers to dry on the Chain Stitch Sketch Book. It was very quick and easy.

Because of the inefficient cutting of the Canson paper, I had some long strips of paper left. It struck me that they were a good shape for drawings of panoramic landscapes. So I trimmed and folded them into a single signature, and made a simple cover out of a piece of ordinary black paper.


I added a sheet of tracing paper to put over new drawings, since if I’m drawing landscapes I’m likely to be out and about and not carrying spray fixative.


The binding is simple pamphlett stitch, using the black waxed thread from Paul’s leatherworking supplies.


The title is a cheap version of Letraset, that old rub-on type from pre-laser printer days. To make sure it didn’t rub off, I covered it with a piece of sticky tape cut to look like the sihouette of a mountain range. (Paul particularly liked that feature.)

Now I just have to remember to take it with me next time I’m going to be somewhere with a good panoramic view to sketch.

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