1999 – 2012: Misc Paintings

I’ve loved painting since I could pick up a brush. Mostly self-taught, when I started regularly attending Carol Boothman’s art classes (Feb 1st 1999 – yes, I remember the date!) my skills and enthusiasm grew by leaps and bounds.

At first I used acrylic paints, as I was working as a freelance illustrator at the time and oils aren’t practical for illustration because of the long drying times. The smell of the oil paints other students were using was so good that I decided to give it a try. I fell instantly in love with the buttery texture.

My painting style was also illustrative to begin with. I began to loosen up and try other styles. On Best of Both Worlds I found myself using an impressionistic application for the vines, and on the Flinders Island painting I exaggerated the curve of the sky and water. For the nudes I moved away from detail into suggestion and abstraction.


Untitled, oil on board (Sold)

Old Friend, oil on board, 380 x 560 mm (Sold)

Best of Both Worlds (Glouchester Ridge Winery, Western Australia), oil on board, 870 x 440 mm, $200, (Sold)

Untitled, oil on board, (Sold)

Magic Dusk (Lake Beedelup, Western Australia), oil on board, 400 x 590 mm (Not for sale)

Waiting for you (Mornington Peninsula), oil on board, 580 x 300 mm, $200

On the Bright Side (Bright, Victoria), 440 x 600 mm, $150 (Sold)

Untitled (Flinders Ranges), oil on board, (Sold)

My slice of forest (Dandenong Ranges), oil on board, 300 x 610 mm (Not for sale)

Untitled (Flinders Island), oil on canvas (A gift for a friend)

Katarapko, oil on canvas, (Sold)


Bathing Beauties, Pigmy Hippos (Choeropsis liberiensis), oil on board, 430 x 410 mm (Sold)

Seal of Approval, Sydney Aquarium, oil on board, 390 x 550 mm, $50 (unframed)

Cruiser Butterfly, Melbourne Zoo, oil on board, 200 x 270 mm (A gift)

Quiet, I'm Napping (Victorian Koala, Waratah Park, NSW), oil on board, 450 x 610 mm $200

Otter Keep a Lookout (Asian small-clawed otter, Melbourne Zoo), oil on board, 650 x 290 mm (Not for sale)

Lions of Least Resistance (Taronga Zoo), oil on canvas, 610 x 460 mm (Not for sale)

Sorrento Sentinels, oil on board, 370 x 380 mm $100 (for the pair)

Cormorant, oil on board, 370 x 380 mm $90

still life

Nectarines, oil on canvas, 310 x 260 mm (Sold)

Mandarins and Lemons, oil on canvas, 310 x 260 mm (Sold)

Pearfection, oil on canvas, 300 x 410 mm (Sold)

Untitled, oil on canvas (Sold)

Just Peachy, oil on canvas, 400 x 300 mm (Not for sale)

Appleing Company, oil on canvas, 400 x 300 mm (Not for sale)

Fruit Orangement, oil on canvas, 400 x 300 mm (Not for sale)

Going Bananas, oil on canvas, 400 x 300 mm (Not for sale)

Well Red, oil on canvas, 400 x 300 mm (Not for sale)

Plum Job, oil on canvas, 400 x 300 mm (Not for sale)

Five Fruits, oil on board, 400 x 300 mm $300


Oohla Rude, oil on canvas, 111 x 510 mm $200

Triptyque, oil on canvas, 1800 x 510 mm $300

Rain, oil on canvas, 1080 x 650 mm (Sold)

Moonbaking, oil on canvas, 1300 x 1090 mm (Sold)

Cumulus Nymphus, oil on canvas, 500 x 1600 mm (Not for sale)

Nude Australis, oil on canvas, 1350 x 1100 mm (Not for sale)

Cloudia Rests, oil on canvas, 1500 x 1000 mm $1000