The Seventh Batch

Four of the cards below were actually made before the last post’s. When I did that post my card-making materials were still separated into what stayed at home and what I took to Ballarat, so I didn’t get around to photographing the four I’d already made until now.

There’s one colouring book card, two I drew on with Sharpies, and two covered in paper I painted ages ago:


The next lot are the most recent, made the same day I wrote this post. I played with watercolour and resists, in this case the donut shaped stickers that reinforce binder pages, and white oil pastel:


I also tweaked some of the cards I’d already made. The colouring book city was a bit drab, so I coloured one of the windows yellow. The beetle was too dark, so I painted it white. The math-o-mat card looked so much better once it had stencilled letters on it, and I preferred the simplicity of the embroidered card without the bow.


And the green gardening theme one got another tweak. I’m still not 100% sure I’m done with this one yet.