Stash Portrait of 2015

Well, that’s odd. I thought I’d already posted this. Ah, I had it scheduled for 2017! Anyway…

This is all the stash I had a week before Christmas:


That’s 15 kilos worth. The boxes at the front are shallow – a 200 gram Bendigo skein won’t fit in them. The ones at the back are deep enough for two layers of them if placed flat.

Aside from a weak moment when I encountered another weaver’s stash bust sale, occasionally buying yarn to combine with what I have, I’ve not bought any yarn since 2012. My stash has been gradually and steadily diminishing.

It doesn’t seem that long since the row of stash boxes looked like this:


The stash in 2011. 17 kilos.

For the first time I’ve included the cones of cotton weaving yarn in my stash photo and calculations. I never used to, but since I rarely knit and only occasionally use a knitting machine they really ought to go in now. I don’t have a lot of it, though. I’ve mostly woven with knitting yarns so far.

Yet now that I’m including the cotton, it feels like the stash has reached the point where it’s finally changing from a knitter’s stash to a weaver’s stash. This four years after I had to give up knitting due to RSI.

Perhaps it’s because of this that the sock yarn feels somewhat out of place now. I tell myself I’ll make more socks on the Passap when I wear out more pairs, but they’re simply not wearing out that fast. I’ve also told myself that it’s okay to weave the sock yarn if a really nice project idea comes along.

What does the future hold for the stash? Well, four of the five boxes I’ve emptied since 2011 are now filled with other kinds of yarn: macrame, craft, perle cotton for inkle weaving and embroidery, and my embroidery supplies. I have one empty shallow box, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for new yarns.

If I do buy new yarns, they’ll most likely be cone yarns for weaving projects. In fact, I’ve just ordered a 500g cone of black 3ply Bendigo Classic for a shawl. I want to attempt some weave structures I’ve not tried before this year, and perhaps some new weaving yarns, too.

One thought on “Stash Portrait of 2015

  1. I wouldn’t dare photograph my stash. It would be too embarrassing. My knitting wool stash isn’t too awful because normally I buy only for specific projects, and I’ve just discovered that people in my knitting group are willing to take some of the surplus for money. No, most of my stash is embroidery thread, and a skein of stranded cotton goes a v-e-r-y long way. I think some of it dates back to my grandmother; certainly some was my mother’s; people give me thread from their ancestral stashes; there’s garage sales; there’s closing-down sales. And in a fit of hubris I decided I needed a complete run of DMC. You can never have too many colours, can you? Then there’s the fine crochet cotton: hard to find these days so I don’t regret the boxes and boxes of thread. It’s just that I’m unlikely to use most of it in this lifetime.

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