My Garden Rocks

We got the landscapers back in for a bit of rock tweaking recently. When they built the retaining wall there were a few rocks left over. They put them behind the old tennis court wall rather than install a sleeper garden edge there, as we’d originally planned. It seemed a good idea at the time. It’d cost more to take the extra rocks away.

But afterwards I realised the rocks would be difficult area to mow up to, and it was, really, a waste of good rocks. I called them and discussed a better place for them – at the front, next to the end of the drive.


When the soil in front of the house is dug out to extend the driveway it’ll go in behind them, to extend the existing garden bed, which doesn’t have any existing edging so it’s a constant fight keeping the grass out.


We’ll need to bring in a few extra rocks to link these to the new and old driveway, too. That won’t happen for a while. The driveway can’t be done until the sewerage is connected because that’ll go under it, and that can’t be done until the sewers go in along the street. Which was supposed to happen last month, but now apparently will happen in January.

That’s fine. We’re in no hurry. The rocks at the front will look odd for a while, but eventually it will all come together.


Where the rocks were, there’s now a sleeper garden edge. Any soil from the drive that’s left over can go in here.

While the landscapers were working, we got some garden chores done. Along with tackling blackberry shoots, spraying weeds, repotting plants and filling the green waste bin with tree trimmings, we topped up the garden bed in the cat run garden with some soil from the front, then brought in some of the fake turf to place around it.


The hope was that the cat would use the bed for his toilet rather than the one patch of ground beside it, which has been getting very smelly, and attracting flies. Thankfully, it seems to have worked.