Not Quite Finished

This cardigan caught my eye while I as fossicking in an op shop. It was in pieces, with an extra ball and a half of yarn. The yarn was familiar: Paton’s Inca 12ply. I like the colour, and it appeared to be my size, so I brought it home and got sewing.


I set about sewing in ends and hemming. There were a lot of knots and split stitches that I fixed by darning in a small length of yarn, but the pieces matched and were symmetrical so it all came together in the end.


After blocking, I considered whether it was supposed to have a button band or a zipper. The bottom edge and sleeves had no ribbing. I had a quick look online to see if there was a Patons pattern that matched, but couldn’t find one. Ravelry didn’t have anything that matched, and while the Patons Australia site has a whole lot of pattern books, they look recent and don’t specify which ones use Inca 12ply.

I’m thinking of adding toggles and leather loops. The cardigan has no waist shaping and it’s a bit boxy, so I’ve been considering ways to fix that, too.