Hunky Hank Blanket… Jacket… Rug… Shawl

I finished the last square for this months ago. Since then I’ve sewn then together only to pick them part again twice. Why? Well, I was going to crochet them into a blanket, but on a whim I tried ‘draping’ them on the dress model and came up with an arrangement for a jacket that I was pretty excited about.


But I had second thoughts as I was joining the squares. It was looking, well, ugly. I blamed it on using the crochet method of joining, which made the seams stand out and the squares pucker a little, so I undid that and started sewing the squares together instead.

Yet I was still getting an ‘ugly’ vibe. The fabric was a bit too thin and open for a jacket. And a little scratchy. So I put it aside, my jewellery-making providing a mental break from the project. After a few weeks I decided I had to trust my instincts. I unpicked what I’d done and went back to my original idea of a blanket or rug, only this time I’d sew not crochet them together.

Another whim had me sew them together in this pattern:


Which, because of the thin and open fabric, put me more in mind of a shawl. It made a long, narrow rectangle, too – more shawl-like than blanket-like.

So I crocheted around the outside and called it a shawl. Which I like very much.