Shrinking WIP List

With two weaving, one sewing, and one embroidery finished, and another embroidery project abandoned, the WIP list is less than half the size it was when we got back from our trip.

I have my sights set on finishing the Arty Necklace next. I’m full of ideas and enthusiasm for that one now.

And the rest of the WIPs?

I’ve never considered the portrait part of this WIP finishing drive. Which has made me reconsider whether I should have it in the list on the sidebar. So I’ve put it into a “Portraits Painted in 2015” list.

The Eye Embroidery is my portable project, which I’m saving for waiting rooms and meetings, so I don’t want to rush to finish it.

That leaves the Jacobean Embroidery project, which I’m not enjoying. The photo of the finished piece is so small I can barely make out the stitches and colours, and I keep finding I’ve used the wrong colour or stitched the wrong way. I suspect I bit off more than I can chew with that kit, and I will probably pack it away somewhere until I become more proficient at stitching or give up and give it away. But if I don’t, well, it’s not a fast project and I don’t want to leave the looms idle.

Either way, once the Arty Necklace is done I’m free to start anything I want. Will I be paralysed by too much choice, or have a massive bout of startitis?