Silk Stripe Placemats

The placemats are done:




The plan was to weave a table runner to match, using up the rest of the sari silk. And I’d hardly used any sari silk. I had a little bit of warp left on the loom so I started experimenting with mixing the black cotton and sari silk, at at once I hit a problem.

With the placemats the overspun nature of the sari silk didn’t matter. I could ease out some of the twist with the end I started with, and when I cut the yarn to finish I could untwist the rest. But once I was weaving it without a break in the yarn the twisting became a difficulty I could do without.

And I was a bit over this project. And I was running low on the black warp yarn, too. And the sari silk would go really well in a friend’s weaving project…

So I decided there would be no table runner, just eight placemats. Which I’m very pleased about. Especially as stains aren’t going to show on these!