Stitchy Shirt

At last! Some craft!

This shirt has gone through a few transformations now. It was one of Paul’s shirts. The first refashion saw me taking the sides in, ripping the arms out and reset them as short sleeves, then beaching the whole thing.

But the fabric was a bit heavy for a summer top, especially as it was double thickness at the yoke. I decided to take the sleeves off completely in the summer just past. Before I had a chance to wear it, though, I decided to try some kantha-ish embroidery.


I was going to stitch all over it, but I found stitching on a single layer of cloth not as easy without a hoop as stitching into the top layer where there were two or more layers. It’s also much easier to deal with thread ends when you can hide them between two layers.


It was very relaxing. The stitching didn’t have to be perfect. Good tv stitching.


I like how it has come out. There’s a nice quilted texture to the areas I stitched.


And I suspect stitching over the whole garment would have taken long enough for it to go from a fun to a tedious project. This was enough.

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