Catching up

On Sunday the Liquorish Allsorts Jumper was finally introduced to its new owner. Both seemed pleased:

Moments after posting last Thursday this arrived, so I decided to post about it another day… but then things kinda got busy:

More Mega Boots Streeeeeetchh!

Despite deciding last week that I would finish the Squares Jacket on the weekend, I didn’t knit a stitch of it. I’m too distracted. By this:

Last night I turned the first top-down heel since I knit my first pair of sock, a couple of years ago.

I stopped when I got to the point where I knew I’d made a mistake but couldn’t work out where and knew I wasn’t going to nut it out so late at night. I went to bed and dreamed about sock knitting and the hole in the roof of my house.

1 thought on “Catching up

  1. Oh that Licorice Allsorts sweater is fantastic!
    The name suits it exactly – and doesn’t the new owner look thrilled?
    You are a very prolific knitter.

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