Works in Progress, or Not

As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve finished Rachel’s portrait. Well, mostly. There are some tweaks I want to make, now I’ve had time to examine it critically. I’d be doing them this morning, if I wasn’t in the goopy, vertigo-ey, exhausting phase of a head cold, and not wanting to spread it around.

Jason’s has a session or two to go:


I’ve started stitching on one of the garments I wanted to embellish. After a few false starts, I settled on purple and mauve flowers with green branches winding between them.


I started the eye:


The leno scarf isn’t finished because I’m holding off working on it. I want to show it to the weaving group:


The Double Trouble baby blankets are going slowly.


The art necklace… what necklace?

2 thoughts on “Works in Progress, or Not

  1. Now you’ve done it! I want to get my loom out and start weaving. Thanks! I’ve only got 4 knitting projects, 2 crochet projects (I never crochet) and I don’t know how many sewing, beading, home decorating and gardening things that need to be done in the next 5 weeks. AND I’ve even blogged this week!

    Your projects are AWESOME!

  2. Thanks! Lol! There’s a reason I called this blog Creative Fidget. Sticking to one craft is alien to me, and I always have half finished projects on the go. If you don’t succumb to the call of the loom, maybe it’ll help nudge you into finishing something else.

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