Painting Bag

How odd. I thought I’d published this post. Well, here it is:

On the Sunday afternoon of the first crafting weekend, after all the dyeing, I had a bit of time to fill so I tackled another accessory. A fews years ago I ripped a few dud paintings off their frames and made a bag out of one. I’d always meant to do the same with this one:

I kept it simple. For handles I looked in our box of leather scraps and old belts and straps. I found a piece of acrylic strapping I bought so long ago I can’t remember what it was for, and some studs Paul got for a costume he made before we met.

This was definitely a stash-buster.

A bit of sewing and stud applying later, the dud painting was a bag – that got a rare ‘ooh, that looks good’ from Paul.