Overlocking/Accessory Day #1

So last weekend was my first one tackling the craft to-do lists. It was overcast and cold so I decided Saturday was Overlocker Day. My list went like this:

Fair Isle part-vest into hat
Join poncho panels ready for dyeing
Add side panel to navy sleeveless top
Make scarf out of travel towel
2 seam 50s top

Additional projects I’d found that use an overlocker:
Mend purple tshirt
Make a headband out of flowery top

I tossed all the materials into a basket and took it and my sewing paraphernalia downstairs to the dining table. I also threw in a couple of the Accessory Day projects, as I wanted to get materials for them from Lincraft and needed to work out exactly what to buy.

First up, three years ago I abandoned this attempt at the Ivy League Vest because it turned out too small.

I cast off and decided I’d make a bag. Like I need more bags. Last week I suddenly realised what it could be instead – a Capuchine style hat. So I cut and overlocked down the side, then put it aside for some hand and machine knitting attention later.

Next I made this headband out of a top that was getting a bit worn looking:

I added side panels to this navy top:

Hmm. Thanks to the Fasting Diet the dress model is now bigger than me. I’ll have to fix that on Shirt Conversion Day.

I worked entirely on the sewing machine rather than the overlocker for the top. I’ve been getting familiar with the stretch stitches and using a needle for stretch fabric has helped enormously, but in this case the striped fabric, despite being a knit, isn’t very stretchy so sews up nicely.

After tackling the poncho-to-shawl, I popped down to Lincraft. Once I got back I mended a tshirt, then having bought material for some of the Accessory Day projects I was all fired up to start them so I ironed backing onto these curtain samples:

I’ve decided to applique them to a calico backing using thread in the bright colours of the sample patterns, and (probably) make a quilt.

Next I made a blanket out of yarn sample cards. I took lots of photos to do a separate post, but here’s a spoiler.

Finally I cut up a travel towel into two scarves:

I finished the edges in two different stitches to see which I preferred.

The plain zig zag does a neater job, I think.

Why turn a travel towel into as scarf? Travel towels are made from a light, thin fabric that sucks in heaps of water, lets most of it go when you wring it out, and dries quickly. One of the secrets of travelling with only carry-on is hand washing clothes. If you wrap a hotel towel around the wet clothes and walk on it you can squeeze out a little extra moisture and speed the drying. A travel towel, apparently, does an even better job. Multipurpose items are also great for travel, so since the towel has as nice drape and almost suedey texture I figured it would also make a good scarf.

Then? I made spag bol and collapsed in front of the tv.

Score for the day: 4 projects finished, 3 started, 1 mending job done. No categories of the to-do list eliminated quite yet, though, but the weekend has only just begun. I didn’t do one item on the Overlocking list and tackled two from the Accessory one, but I figured there’d be a bit of blending anyway, as I found the best way to sew up projects. Later I decided to combine the two as a category and introduce a new one, Bookbinding, since I need to make some gifts before I go os.