It’s a Bond, a Sweaty Bond

Look what arrived yesterday:

It arrived just before lunch, so I spent my ‘lunchtime’ assembling and trying it out.

I used the practise yarn, and tried out some increasing and decreasing. Then I frogged that, got back to work and considered what sort of project I could start at ‘afternoon tea’. It ought to be small and simple.

A washcloth fit the bill, so I dug up some Lion Brand Cotton. Being less flexible than the practise yarn, it was inclined to jump off the needles now and then, but that gave me a reason to work out how to rip out, pick up stitches, and generally troubleshoot problems.

When I had a square, I threaded some yarn through the top and bottom stitches and put it aside. Last night I crocheted around the edges.

The stitches are far from even, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a washcloth. But it’s also my first piece of machine knitting.

And you know what? This sure is a fast way to make washcloths!

6 thoughts on “It’s a Bond, a Sweaty Bond

  1. Great idea to get a knitting machine! I think I should get one to do the bulk of the things I'd like to do over the course of the year and then just knit the "special" projects!

  2. Ohh, I have your old one sitting there in my wardrobe, it is going to be fondled next school holidays! yeah!

  3. Now that I've worked out how to use this one, I might be able to help out with that. With the advice of an absolute beginner, though.

  4. I want one too!!!! But you know what the hubby said to try and discourage me? "You won't be knitting then… you'll be machining." Like I said he tried to discourage me. I live the adage "so much yarn, too little time."

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