Recycling Socks

In the early days of knitting socks, I favoured the look of the short row heel. Unfortunately, most of the socks didn’t fit, because I have high arches. (This was before I realised I could add some gusset increases before the heel and decreases after it.) After forcing my feet into them for a while, I eventually gave up and stowed them away. They weren’t all that worn out, and perhaps I could reuse the yarn, or make them into something else.

Turns out, they make great wrist warmers. So every now and then (like when I’m trying to avoid casting on another big project) I dig out the socks and select a pair to recyle.

I love stripey socks, so I was really disappointed that these ones didn’t fit. I’d even stored the contrast yarn with them, ready for the transformation. It was just a matter of cutting off the feet, picking up stitches and adding some ribbing.

Not sure what I’ll do with the feet. Cosies for iPods or cameras?

But I love the wristwarmers. They’re perfect for keeping my fingers going stiff from cold in the mornings, without hampering typing.

One thought on “Recycling Socks

  1. Fantastic creative re-use of the socks. Love the wristwarmer idea. Look forward to your solution for the excess feet.

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