Successful Summer Solstice

A couple of years ago I swapped a pattern with another Raveller. The pattern I received in return was Summer Solstice. I tried knitting it by hand, but abandoned the project because the yarn was too scratchy.

At the beginning of last year I tried simplifying it for the Bond. I knit it about five times before giving up due to tension problems, which eventually I worked out was because cable spun cotton was just too much resistant and inflexible for the machine. (It completely destroyed the foam bar and its replacement.)

During the Crazy Hot Weekend I was determined to use up a particular yarn in the stash – some Cleckheaton Country 8ply that I’d dyed with eucalyptus leaves, then over-dyed later with blue because I don’t really wear yellow. I figured I’d try Summer Solstice again.

I had to draw out the pattern pieces and note the numbers of stitches and rows, then convert them to the gauge of the tension swatch. It was worth the trouble because it all came together beautifully.

One of the problems I’d had before was losing track of where I was in the pattern. This time I had a counter on the machine to help me keep track. I’d also found rehanging the weighted hem laborious and annoying. So I did the yoke-sleeve piece in three sections, grafting them together later.

The yarn had quite a bit of colour variation in it, some greener, some bluer, and a less varied greenish-blue. Instead of trying to blend it all together, I did each section in one hue. I figured if I didn’t like it I could over-dye again, but I love how it has come out. And analogous colour schemes seem to be coming into fashion.

Of all the garments I started or made over the Crazy Hot Weekend so far I like this one the best. But there is another one to finish, so I’ll reserve judgement until it’s done.