Teev Jewellery

I’ve put a ban on jewellery-making. What started out as a bit of fixing, finishing and refashioning turned into (mostly thanks to Pinterest) a bit of a mini obsession. My jewellery hanging boards and hooks are getting crowded and I’m beginning to wonder when I’ll find the opportunity to wear it all.

The trouble is, I discovered that I could whip up a new piece of an evening while watching tv, which is why knitting was such an easy hobby to get addicted to. I’ve put a box of interesting objects to draw and a sketchbook there instead, or else I turn off the tv and get some reading done.

Here are the last pieces I made. First, a turquoise and black necklace with a magnet closure:

Designed to be the right length to turn into a bracelet:

And I’d been wondering what to do with these droplet beads until I saw this lovely necklace on Pinterest:

I had enough chain and beads to make a bracelet to match.

The ban is only temporary. Paul and my parents bought me, on request, a silver metal clay kit for Christmas. But since the firing requires a dark but well ventilated room, the only safe place is the garage, which at this time of year is likely to be uncomfortably hot. So I’m saving that for autumn and cooler weather. In the meantime I can plan and read up on it, which is a good idea since the silver clay is VERY expensive.