Ashford Loomies Challenge

On Saturday participants in the Ashford Loomies Challenge on Ravelry could warp up and start their project. I wanted to try Weaver-Manipulated Lace which I can’t think of any application except a scarf (maybe curtains?). I chose some white Hempathy yarn. But another participant began a project almost exactly the same, so while I was wearing myself out and doing my back in cleaning my old house ready for sale on Saturday, I considered how I could change things to make this project unique.

On Sunday I chose a lovely soft laceweight – a mohair blend as far as I can tell. Caroline the spinner and s’n’b rocketeer gave me a bag of yarn leftovers on Saturday and this was in it.

I chose some black beads, which I intended to add to the warp, but it only occurred to me as I was winding the warp onto the loom that the beads would need to fit through the heddle, and they didn’t.

So they went on the weft instead, where they sit between the leno twists.

I also, kind of deliberately-by-accident, warped the loom up skipping a hole between the five strands that would be each leno twist, which means the weft skips over two warp ends. I could have fixed it, but decided to see what would happen if I didn’t. Turned out the leno twist kind of flows up into the plain weave. I like it.

Because it’s got mohair in it, I won’t be able to wear this, but I think it’ll make a lovely gift.

3 thoughts on “Ashford Loomies Challenge

  1. Um… records? Me?

    Actually, this blog has always been my record of crafty exploits. When I post an entry on a finished project I try to include any info I might need if I wanted to make one – or something similar – again.

    And unlike my handwritten notes, there’s a good chance I’ll be able to read them later!

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