Peri Peri Floor Rug

Weft: eucalyptus-dyed handspun
Warp: 16/2 linen
Weave: plain ol’ tabby
Finishing: 10 shots of warp linen as a border, then I knotted the fringe. After washing and drying I brushed the surface with a pet brush and it helped create a softer feeling surface under the feet – especially needed for the orange weft.
Comments: I suspect the linen is too wussy for rug warp. It did okay, aside from one warp thread breaking, matched up with the handspun, but it’s clear rag rugs are going to need the recommended 8/4 cotton carpet warp. Unfortunately I’ve not found an online shop based in Australia that sell it.
I should have woven a sampler, as it would have shown me that the orange yarn was a bit thinner. I could have combat this by doubling it.
Summing up: I like it. It may be simple and rustic, but it suits the purpose it was meant for.

2 thoughts on “Peri Peri Floor Rug

  1. I love that rug! I enjoyed reading about your adventures too. Incurable stupidity indeed.

    A friend pointed me in the direction of your blog and I can’t believe how many similarities there are in your crafty life to mine! From knitting to spinning to weaving but also in the fact that I just did a rug and have a pile of jeans collecting for a denim rug! And I experiment without sampling.
    Alice in Richmond Virginia

  2. Thank you!

    I’m intrigued. I’d love to see more of your work. I clicked on your name but it came up with “Blog profile not available”.

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