The Arty Necklace – Preparations

Whenever I’ve found time to tackle a few more jewellery projects, I’ve picked up one WIP then put it down again – the Art Necklace. It had me intimidated.

To recap, this is the source of inspiration:

I found lots of little frames and some chain at the Craft & Quilt Show:

Several things were holding me back. Many of the frames had brooch findings attached to the back that I needed to remove, and I was afraid trying to get them off would cause an RSI flare up.

Well, I finally gave it a try, and they turned out to be easy enough to simply rip off with heavy-duty pliers. But I then had rough, scratchy backs. I would have to file them down or cover them with something. That’s when I remembered I had a small stash of Contact from years ago that is velvety on the front. Soon I had little circles and ellipses cut out and stuck on all the frame backs.

An extra advantage to this is the frames will be less likely to slide out of place, especially if I wear the necklace over a garment.

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