You know, I don’t have trouble coming up with things to blog about and somehow I always find the time. Blogging is more of a naughty distraction for me. Not only do I spend time blogging that I perhaps ought to spend working, but I spend even more time making things to blog about.

I’ve seen these blog-every-day things before and not succumbed, but fear of procrastination excuses isn’t the reason. Or the only reason. I admit, I was kinda worried it would take the fun out of it, and make it a bit of a trial. Or that once a day was too much, I’d run out of time and, I dunno, start blogging pictures of my feet or something, and end up putting my regular readers (hi!) off.

Well, sometimes you’ve just got to give something a whirl. I’ve signed up to be a part of Blogtoberfest, hosted over at the I Saw You Dancing blog. I suspect I’ve been sucked into the bandwagony aspect of it. Well, bandwagonyness can be fun, so ‘why not?’ says I.

I promise no pictures of my feet. Only stuff relating to craft, art, gardening, DIY and other kinds of domestic bliss.